They said about Ebhar

Dr. Ghada Wali

Civil society is a partnership with the State to rebuild the new Egypt, hand in hand and step by step.  Ebhar Misr program is an evidence of this cooperation and a proof that youth are the hope and the future.

The thinker D - Hossam Badrawy

I used to see the most beautiful in people and to see challenges as opportunities as only the optimists can catch their dreams. Moreover, the youth are the opportunity for a better future; so we have to do our best to open up future horizons for them.

Mr. Assem Ragab

"One person can make a difference" ... What if more than one person?!! We have seen many examples of Egyptians who provide inspiration, hope and pride for all of us. Betting on children and youth is always rewarding. Our young people are smart, talented and passionate.

We "believe in them", and we want to include them in an environment conducive to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; an environment that we hope will put them on the right track and the next level for them to bloom.

Dr. Salma Al-Bakry

The aim of Ebhar Misr is to restore hope and confidence in the potential of our new generations, it is a state of happiness and joy and the development of personal and technical skills for these young people. We have succeeded through the first batch of Ebhar Misr program - to present talented youth not only to Egypt but to the World.

Hani Shenouda

Egypt is a Country of great talent, and all what these young people need is an opportunity, and I am sure they can seize it. Let us dazzle everyone by Ebhar Misr.

Tarek Dessouky

Rawan - Karim - Mirna - Mustafa - Kermina - Mohamed Essam:

These are not just names for me, but people of flesh and blood that have left me a beautiful memory filled with art, creativity, diligence and the desire to prove existence. Memories with which I feel that they are not a few days but years. These are my children indeed ... whom I have not given birth to!

Historian and Egyptologist Dr. Bassam El-Shamaa

Dazzled by the interest and educational participation of our heroes,

Proud of you, (future scientists).

Marwan (ABAMI)

Have you thought about going on a trip with an actor, singer, musician, painter and scientist?!

Have you wondered how it will be?! Now add to your imagination that their ages range from 14 to 18 years of youth

Accompanied by all energy and curiosity ... Now imagine a group of 100 thousand artists and scientists taking an entire Nation on a journey, what will it be?! On a 4-day trip we lived with 25 of these creators, and the urgent question: What effort will it take to search for the remaining 999.75.

Ms. Dana

This has been a unique and changing life experience for both students and teachers. Many resources for future leaders in science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts, and mathematics were provided. These students demonstrate the intrinsic value of learning, passion, and joy in learning. Creativity is an inspiration to us, even after all the intertwined years of teaching. Thanks again for this opportunity

Ms. Deborah

I was very excited to learn more about this opportunity to travel to Egypt and work with the best and brightest students identified. Our aim was to share our knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and work with these students to expand their talents.

These students not only excel in their ability to employ the engineering process, but also possess leadership skills. I am very happy with the results of this experiment and look forward to the sharing of this experience with my peers.

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