Credit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development was established by Credit Agricole Egypt in May 2017 to expand its social responsibility projects as an extension of the community activities undertaken by the Bank since 2012 in order to play an effective role towards society to fight poverty and alleviate the suffering of the poor in parallel to the goals of the State, especially for the advancement of the health sector and the education sector.

Mission Influencing and contributing to the community through financing projects aimed at sustainability, taking advantage of the Bank's extensive expertise, international brand and the international network of the Bank Group. As well as awareness-raising that results in long-term positive results on a larger scale.

Vision Changing people's lives for the better with a clear impact on society through the support and implementation of self-sustainable projects to improve the Egyptian citizen and improve services.

Strategy and areas of work The Foundation focuses on four main pillars to engage in sustainable projects: • Education • Health • Agriculture • Social Entrepreneurship

Education First Foundation

When all agree that education is the priority of a nation, and that it’s the only way to promote this nation, it becomes a necessity - indeed a national duty – that civil society institutions should be involved in building new foundations and a different vision of the form of education in Egypt. And that’s why synergy of efforts became an urgent necessity for a true educational renaissance. For this reason, Education First Foundation was one of the contributions of civil society organizations to support education in the Arab world.

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